Our Story

No one knows the
Jewelry Industry like we do.


“We aren’t just part of the jewelry website design industry … we are dominating it.”

i-Showcase, the Los Angeles-based digital technology firm consisting of over 100 full-time team members, was founded in 2011 with a deep focus on designing refined websites, providing data management, as well as e-boutique platforms within the jewelry industry. i-Showcase empowers retailers and manufacturers to engage their online consumers in the most unique and innovative ways. The online world is ever-changing, and being innovative is a necessity. It takes raw ideas and a great team to stay ahead of the game. Our brilliant team brings to life original ideas that keep our clients ahead of their competitors. We are the only firm within the industry that has developed its own sophisticated, yet straightforward, CMS. Building websites specifically for the needs of jewelry retailers and brands, we pioneer technology that leads the industry, and empower businesses to drive sales. No matter your size, location(s) or inventory—we help showcase your products and grow your business.

Our Founders


It all started with an idea to revolutionize the jewelry website industry.

Two engineers—two brothers, one from U.C. Berkeley and one from UCLA, saw that the jewelry industry was crying out for a revolutionary technological shift. Building functioning websites was only the beginning: The time it took to gather and upload each retailer’s products and keep the information current crippled retailers. The brothers saw the struggle many retailers in the jewelry industry faced and designed the “e-boutique”, an innovation that allowed each manufacturer to control the integrity of its brand while being displayed on retailers’ websites. After that success, the brothers hit the drawing board again and went on to design a platform that fully integrates the data from top brands directly into the website building platform. Still leading the industry in data management and website development, iShowcase has built a reputation among retailers and manufacturers for ingenuity, versatility, and cutting-edge skill.

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